My husband, Jake, and I met our senior year of college. We were very much concerned about which bar had the best priced beers.

Then we graduated, moved in together, found grown-up jobs, got engaged, planned our wedding, got married, went on trips, and added two sweet, smelly dogs to the mix. We were very much concerned about how to become adults while still having fun together.

Hard life things happened and we got through them together. We built a bad-ass group of friends who we can have too much fun with but always depend on. It felt like we were really doing this life thing pretty perfectly!

We decided it was time to add a new Epler to our family, and, after months and months of trying, we were very much concerned about how to have a baby.

My husband and I are both fairly competitive. We won’t completely lose it if we aren’t the champions of Catan, but we will silently gloat whenever we do win at something. As we tried to get pregnant, we started having more and more friends announce their pregnancies. We were honestly thrilled for them, but I somehow slipped into keeping score. What and why and how many months and what tea are you drinking and what is it that I’m missing?

We decided that the best path for us was to see a specialist and get answers. (Shout out to Dr. Letterie and the team at @srmfertility!) Jake and I are both slightly Type A so this made perfect sense. Make a plan, execute said plan, have a baby. Easy!

After another year of tracking, medicine, supplements, acupuncture, yoga, Zika testing thanks to a trip to Cabo, a lot of wine, and IUI, it was time to try IVF. We weren’t against it by any means, but it did feel like a fork in the path. Either it would work and we’d be parents or we would do life, just the two of us, and be the really fun aunt and uncle.

In the realm of infertility, we really were lucky. We had a successful fresh embryo transfer and more embryos waiting for us for the future. I had some pretty intense hyperstimulation due to the combination of my PCOS, egg retrieval, and successful pregnancy, but that felt almost laughably easy compared to everything leading up to finally getting that positive pregnancy test the summer of 2016.

Reagan was born a little early because of some minor preeclampsia, but she definitely didn’t have anything major to worry about. She was tough and didn’t let being on the smallish side hold her back from being a little wildling from the start.

We knew we wanted a sibling for Rey and liked the idea of having them close together. We thought 28 months apart sounded great and reached back out to our fertility team about getting prepared for another embryo transfer. We planned everything out and got the appointments tentatively scheduled for when we returned from a family trip to Europe the spring of 2018.

Because of my PCOS, my cycles have always been all over the place and waiting for my period after our trip was really frustrating. I needed it to start so that I could schedule the appointments needed for our transfer. Finally, I decided to take a pregnancy test so I could call the doctor and tell them I wasn’t pregnant but my cycle was becoming insanely long.

Turns out being pregnant with Rey and a little trip to another continent was all my body needed to figure out a natural pregnancy.

Quinn joined us nine days before Reagan’s 2nd birthday.

Thank you Jake and friends and family and science for helping me get here. I couldn’t be happier.

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