My husband and I got married in 2013 and we assumed we would get pregnant with no issues. Don’t we all?! That was not our journey that was laid out for us. There was a different path laid out. 

We began fertility treatments in January 2015. The doctors started me on clomid. We were told usually this gets a woman pregnant within a few months. Five months went by and still no baby. May of the same year, I under went a hysteroscopy followed by a laparoscopy. They flushed my tubes to make sure there was no blockage. Once again we were told that we should be pregnant within a few months. Still no baby.

We began the IUI journey. After four failed IUIs, with lots of eggs and healthy sperm we decided we needed more help. We were tired of being told we will get pregnant. That we were perfect on paper. I have great eggs. My husband has a healthy sperm count. I was so over being told that our issue was “unexplained infertility.”

Time to seek a new doctor. We found Poma Fertility in Kirkland, Washington, and instantly felt at peace. We began IVF.

Months of shots. Blood draws. Ultrasounds and more shots, it was time to extract my eggs. The night before my egg retrieval, my dad suddenly died of a heart attack. 12 hours after I got the phone call I had to be at the hospital to undergo the biggest step of my life this far. I some how pushed through. I think my dad was with me. 

We extracted 26 eggs. Five beautiful embryos made it to day five. We did a five-day fresh transfer. My body rejected it. As to be expected. I had just endured the loss of my dad and trauma of the retrieval. 

Our second transfer was a frozen transfer that didn’t take either. We took six months off to regroup and go in with a healthy mindset and fresh start. Our third transfer was a total success! We had a BFP (big fat positive!). 

This journey has been wild but at the end it’s our journey. If we didn’t struggle, if we didn’t have heartbreak and many tears we wouldn’t have Collins Rae. She was worth every moment of pain, every shot, every blood draw. She is our forever.

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