Mindfulness is so hot right now. And rightly so, the process of refocusing, realigning and becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings without judgment sounds pretty nice.

One of the most common practices of mindfulness is meditation. Though the technique might not be for everybody, it does do a body good. Trust us, we hardly take ourselves seriously enough to think we could meditate but, lo and behold, it really does work to quiet our loud minds and focus in on ourselves. Erin says she needed this more than ever while trying to conceive – something yoga helped with – and again when she was fighting off some postpartum feelers.

At that time, she came across the @expectful app, a meditation and sleep app for pregnancy and parenthood, that would help her get back to sleep after feeding the baby at 2 a.m. or calm her “sleep anxiety” that would hit right as she went to bed (because who knows when that baby was going to wake up). Today, we were THRILLED to see Expectful has expanded into fertility and is now offering meditations for IVF in collaboration with the acclaimed @ccrmfertility.

According to Expectful, “emerging research is helping us understand fertility and the negative impact stress can have on hormone production when you are preparing to conceive. Practicing regular meditation and mindfulness is proven to support stress management skills and benefit your psychological health.”

Expectful has released 11 new meditations designed to guide listeners through the unique experiences of egg harvesting and embryo transfer treatments.

If you think you could benefit from this, or know someone who could, this link will take you to a 30-day trial of the app.

Now go get zen!

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