• Do you want to, like, be friends? Like… IRL?

    When we started really thinking about starting Science, Baby! and what it would look like and what our big goals would be, we talked about having local meetups. One of the most encouraging things during our infertility battle was seeing all of the families at our respective fertility clinics. Everyone came from different places and had unique speed bumps, but we all were working toward the same goal.

    We would LOVE to have a get together with everyone in the area! We picture this being somewhere fun, like a brewery, where people can feel free to say hello to everyone or to just sit back and observe. We picture an expert or two from different areas of expertise (nurse from a fertility clinic, hormone balance specialist, people who have been there and get it, etc) with formal or informal question asking.

    And maybe we wear matching shirts? We don’t know! This feels like being a new kid at school asking new friends to come to our birthday party. We want to be us and show our excitement and probably hug you too soon, but we also want to play it cool. Being cool has definitely always been easy for us…

    What do you think? Would you be interested? Have a friend who you’d tell? Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? Anybody want to sit with us at lunch and talk about the really cute algebra teacher?
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