When my husband and I were TTC, the last thing I wanted to read was another f*cking blog post from a holistic website that recommended maca root or a book that had a literal fetus on the cover (there. are. so. many.).

I was (and still am) into the self-care book genre — typically on Audible — so I tried to find a book or two that wouldn’t make my eyes hurt from rolling back into my head.

Here were a few of my favorites (and a few more I’ve found while researching) that I’d like to refer to you, for education, for a laugh and for support. The link in our bio will take you to Amazon if you want to purchase any of these as well.

1) “Laughing IS Conceivable: One Woman’s Extremely Funny Peek into the Extremely Unfunny World of Infertility” by Lori Shandle-Fox

Description: If infertility took only a week to resolve, we could all cry and freakout for seven days and then goon with our lives. But it doesn’t. And whether we have to deal with it for a month or years, it’s simply too long to live without laughter. This little book was written by a humor writer and infertility survivor.This is her story of how she navigated through the confusing, anxiety-ridden world of doctors, nurses, butt shots, health insurance, nosy coworkers, inept receptionsists, etc. etc. etc. This book is recommended by renowned infertility professionals around the U.S. and abroad. Many use it in their practices to de-stress both their patients and staff as well as to enhance the relationship between the two.

2) “Infreakinfertility: How to Survive When Getting Pregnant Gets Hard” by Melanie Dale

Description: This is the funnest book you’ll ever read about the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. Each chapter covers a different challenge with infertility and is broken into sections, a little of my story and concerns, a blurb from my husband, Alex, kind of a window into his dudely brain, and practical tips on how to cope. Read it yourself, read it as a couple, and if you’re struggling to explain your feelings to friends and family, hurl a copy at them and run away.

3) “Ivf WTF?!: An Adult Coloring and Stress Relief Book” by MeMoments Creative

Description: IVF WTF?! contains 27 images for you to color, designed to support anyone on the IVF rollercoaster to relax, be mindful and de-stress.  The phrases and images vary from simple to more complex to match your time and mood.  What they all have in common is they were designed especially FOR YOU.  Yes, you, the amazing woman going through it, who is often expected to just put up with all of IVF’s emotional and physical demands as if it’s just ‘what you do’.  It’s not that bloody easy!  And you deserve some ‘MeMoments’ to escape, process and have a giggle. 

4) “Hilariously Infertile: One Woman’s Inappropriate Quest to Help Women Laugh Through Infertility” by Karen Jeffries

Description: This book, titled Hilariously Infertile, is on a mission to make others who have struggled with infertility, laugh (perhaps while their feet are still in the stirrups and their vaginas are enjoying the fresh air of the fertility clinic). It is a comedic, self-deprecating, look into the harsh, scary, and often sad world of infertility. Hilariously Infertile will make you laugh out loud while wishing you could have a glass of wine with the author and discuss how you relate to her story is. 

5) “Mommy Man: How I Went from Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad” by Jerry Mahoney

Description: A firsthand journey of a gay couple plunging into parenthood. But how? Adoption? Foster parenting? Kidnapping? What they want most of all is a great story to tell their future kid about where he or she came from.Their search leads them to gestational surrogacy, a road less traveled where they’ll be borrowing a stranger’s ladyparts for nine months. Thus begins Jerry and Drew’s hilarious and unexpected journey to daddyhood. With honesty, emotion, and laugh-out-loud humor, Jerry Mahoney ponders what it means to become a Mommy Man . . . and discovers that the answer is as varied and beautiful as the concept of family itself.

Reading is cool!

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