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Hi! We’re Science, Baby! and we are thrilled your journey to parenthood has brought you to us. Join us!

Science, Baby! strives to build a community for those working to expand their families with a little help from science.

Science, Baby! invites those looking for resources, support, inspiration and a safe place to keep it real to join, follow and comment. As this gathering place grows, Science, Baby! aims to bring transparency, honesty and solutions that can help those using some science, baby!

Science, Baby! was founded by childhood best friends and adulthood parents by way of science, Alicia Epler and Erin James. While going through their different treatment experiences and supporting each other along the way, they wished how there was an established community for them to be a part of in this journey. The women wanted so much more than they were being provided by doctors and the internet, from resources and explanations to humor and levity in keeping it real. 

In launching Science, Baby! first on Instagram, the two found they weren’t the only ones looking for more when it comes to traveling that path to family. With the first steps being to building community, Science, Baby! will be hosting a fundraiser for treatment scholarships in April 2021. 

About Alicia:

Teacher, book lover (both paper and audio), amateur baker, professional worrier, wife, science baby mom, and Ravenclaw. Read about Alicia’s road to being a mom here. 

Alicia’s Story

Alicia’s Story

My husband, Jake, and I met our senior year of college. We were very much concerned about which bar had the best priced beers. Then we graduated, moved in together, found grown-up jobs, got engaged, planned our wedding, got married, went on trips, and added two sweet,...

About Erin:

Writer, editor, Type A control freak, avid runner, drinks enthusiast, cheese lover, dog mom, wife and now (finally) human mom. Read Erin’s story to parenthood here. 

Erin’s Story

Erin’s Story

I’m a goal setter. As a totally Type A personality and journalist by trade, setting objectives and meeting deadlines are kind of my thing. So when I had decided I was officially ready to become a mom, I was officially ready for it to happen on my terms.  My...

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